Who makes up the Member Advisory Group?

Our current membership on the Member Advisory Group (MEAB) is made up of members and parents, who have children as members of this health plan, they work in social services, schools, and community agencies and provide valuable insight to the health plan. Several of them have been with CFHP for many years, they live in various parts of the city. They provide a vehicle for obtaining insight into the perceptions and expectations of health plan consumers, and to enable the health plan to tailor policies and operations to best meet the needs of the membership. Since members are key in providing input on issues related to health plan education, health plan services, and to serve in designated committees within Community First Health Plan, MEAB is an excellent way of facilitating these endeavors. If you are interested in learning about how you can participate, call Member Services at 1-800-434-2347. 

STAR Kids: 1-855-607-7827

STAR Kids Member Advisory Committee

Community First Health Plans is seeking STAR Kids members or their representatives to participate on the new STAR Kids Member Advisory Committee (SK MAC). The Committee is dedicated to provide an opportunity for STAR Kids families to share insights about their perceptions and expectations of the health plan.

The goal of the new Advisory Committee is to provide recommendations and/or input to allow the health plan to make any changes to the operations and/or educational opportunities that best meet the needs of STAR Kid membership. For questions or to express your interest in participating in the STAR Kids Member Advisory Committee please contact STAR Kids at:

210-358-6403 or 1-855-607-7827.