About CFHP

Who We Are

Community First Health Plans (CFHP) was established in 1995, by the University Health System, specifically to begin providing health care coverage to the citizens of Bexar and the surrounding seven counties. As the only locally owned and managed, non-profit health plan in the area, our commitment to our members is to provide great health care benefits backed by outstanding service, delivered by people who live right here in South Texas. Our goal is to make San Antonio have more successful health outcomes by putting the community first.

What We Do

For over 20 years now, Community First has provided quality health care and has touched the lives of almost 700,000 unique individuals. We are proud to offer exceptional care for individuals and families, including children, quality prenatal care to expectant mothers, adults, and now special needs children. Community First is NCQA-accredited (National Committee for Quality Assurance), meaning our health plan has undergone rigorous processes and successful certification to ensure our standards allow us to provide the best quality services to our members and providers. Our goal is that our community has access to health care for all stages of life and the assurance of care for the unexpected, when most needed.

Why We Do It

Community First operates at a grass-roots level, interacting with key community organizations to help identify and provide information to help families obtain the health care coverage they need. All the dollars received in our revenue stream are funneled directly back into the community to help our organization continue its mission of providing access to quality health care for San Antonio and the surrounding seven counties.

Community First Cares

Community First is proud to partner with various organizations who share like-minded goals and objectives and who wholeheartedly support the needs of San Antonio‚Äôs diverse communities. Our partners include: 

Fall Ahead Contest

The Fall Ahead Contest was created to give local educators the chance to install lasting programs at their schools to benefit the health and well being of their students. In 2016, CFHP awarded seven educators across San Antonio who submitted their idea of a healthy, sustainable program for their school. Below is one of our Fall Ahead 2016 recipients who built five Ga-ga Ball pits for his students with his award funds.

The goal of the Ga-ga Ball activity is for elementary students to work together in an active setting that promotes collaboration as a team and physical movement that accommodates various skill sets.

Please note: CFHP has made every effort to provide accurate information about its products, services and provider networks. Because this information changes, you can verify information by calling our Member Services department.